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Imagine smoking volcanos, ancient ramparts and windswept beaches loom into view as you sail along the coastline. Above, white sails billow against a cloudless, blue sky. While all around, only shimmering turquoise seas and blissful quietude, as there is no room for big ships in these privileged waters. Nearing the harbor, you feel the envy of all on shore as you make an unforgettable entrance in your elegant sailing yacht.

It Feels Like Your Own Private Yacht

Magical moments like these are a matter of course on Windstar. In fact, it's amazing how the Windstar yachts offer so many larger than life moments. They can be as special as the deck barbecues, or as elaborate as sunset celebrations followed by music, dancing and entertainment from the talented crew.
The three sleek sailing yachts are like nothing else at sea. Even in the most prestigious yacht-filled harbors, a Windstar Yacht is easy to recognize. Just look for the elegant vessel with the brilliant white sails towards the sky.
All three Windstar yachts feature expansive teak decks and a relaxing casual, yet elegant atmosphere among friends. All three have lavishly newly designed staterooms and suites. Each yacht has several dining options to chose from as well as a full array of motorized and non-motorized water sports.

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