Why Choose a Pure-Bred Cat

Why Choose a Pure-bred Power Cat

Pure-bred Power Catamaran vs. Converted Sailing Cat

There’s a big difference between a pure-bred power cat and a converted sailing cat and choosing the right yacht for your charter vacation is essential to your experience.    You want to look for the cat that offers the best living comforts, accommodations, structure and efficiencies by placing advanced technology at the forefront of all design and build decisions.

Enter Aquila Power Catamarans, the newest evolution in catamaran build and design in the market today with an award-winning pure-bred catamaran line-up to deliver just that.

Aquila - The Pure-bred Power Cat

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Aquila’s pure-bred power cat designs include a balsa core that is vinyl ester resin infused for a superior and strong, sturdy constructed hull, engine rooms and generator lockers that are sealed off and located outside of living areas to eliminate noise and fumes, large cabins located within wider power cat hulls to provide spacious privacy, tempered glass windows, walk around berth access, generous headroom, ample storage space, chilled water a/c systems and fresh water flush in all electric heads.

Aquila’s pure-bred power cats are also specifically designed to run more efficiently at higher cruising speeds.  Our MarineMax 443 and 484 power cats are also outfitted with Volvo engines as they are entirely a marine designed engine and are heavy duty cast-iron, not aluminum.

Download the PDF with details (Pure-bred power cats by Aquila) or by clicking on the image above.

The MarineMax Vacations Charter Fleet

We exclusively feature Aquila Power Catamarans in our charter fleet to provide an unequaled experience on the water. In addition to their standard pure-bred luxuries, each features additional comforts such as watermakers, free wi-fi, electric grills and wetbars on oversized flybridges, genset, and air conditioning with individual cabin controls. To see our fleet, please click here.

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