Crewed Vacations

Crewed Charter Vacations

Plan your luxury charter vacation with a professional crew aboard to handle all of the navigating and logistics. Crewed charter vacation options are available in our British Virgin Island charter fleet or aboard private luxury yachts in worldwide destinations. Captains, Chefs, Stewardesses and Deck Hands are available for hire depending on the size of the yacht you wish to charter.

Crewed Yachts 38' - 50'

Power catamarans and sailboats in our British Virgin Islands fleet are available for crewed vacations.  The size of the crew is dependent on your boat selection, number of guests and available dates.

Crewed Yachts 50' - 100'+

Enjoy a private luxury crewed charter vacation in worldwide destinations on a wide array of boats.   These yachts have professional crews aboard to attend to all navigational duties as well as provide a pampered living environment for you and your guests.  We will talk through your desired destination and seasonality to best determine the yacht to fit your vacation dream.

Vacation Planning

Please contact us for additional information on our crewed power charter vacations, destinations and for assistance in planning your dream vacation.