Staff…they were awesome. Hands down better staff over other charter companies where they had a "don't care attitude". The VP's were there when we landed. They spent time with us and were super nice and interested in our opinions.

We truly enjoyed the boat, the watermaker is really a key feature. That should be a marketing talking point in your brochure. When we told others we met about it, that was a driving factor for them to contact you regarding a charter, especially people with girls 🙂 the 434 also has a fantastic master suite. You have to draw straws for that one. The boat is well designed, as well as aesthetically pleasing compared to other charter companies, all fiberglass everything. I felt like I was on a boat I would buy. The beds were great also. The mattress upgrade is a real plus. I did not feel like I was on boat mattress. Again, way better than other charter companies. With more people in the future we will rent the 484. Great layout on the boat. We did a walk through of one and we were impressed. The galley with two refrigerators is a real plus and the bow seating area really extends the salon area for a lot of people.

We already told people on our trip that we met how much we like your boats and service… We will not be returning to any other charter company. We understand why you won the best charter company in 2015. I think you should win again in 2016!