Charter Ownership

Owning a boat in our Charter Ownership Program is quite simple and carefree. In the Program, you own your luxury power catamaran and our team of MarineMax professionals manage her for you as part of our fleet in the British Virgin Islands.  Never worry about maintenance, service or costs.  You'll receive a monthly check from MarineMax that will more than cover your boat loan.  Simply enjoy your Owner's time aboard and walk away from the dock.  We'll handle everything else.

Frequently Asked Questions

What boats are available in the ownership program?

Our custom built pure-bred Aquila power catamarans: MarineMax 382, MarineMax 443 and MarineMax 484.

What is the age of the boats in the charter fleet?

Our power catamarans are the newest fleet in the BVI and all custom built and designed for MarineMax Vacations.  We continue to grow our fleet with brand new hulls continually being added.  All cats include commercial grade engines, air conditioning, generators, watermakers, electric heads, en-suite cabins and electric grills on the flybridges.

How often can I use my boat?

You can use your boat in the Charter Yacht Ownership Program for up to nine weeks each year in the beautiful British Virgin Islands.

Do I have any maintenance fees while I'm in the program?

No, MarineMax takes care of all maintenance and service fees, docking and insurance while you are in the program.

Pirate Bight Norman Island CheersHow long will I be in the program?

The Charter Yacht Ownership Program is up to five years.  You can exit the program at any time with a six month notice.

What happens if my boat isn't chartered each week?

You will still receive a fixed monthly payment from MarineMax regardless of charter activity.

What happens at the end of the program?

You own your boat and can chose to keep it, or should you decide you would like to sell it, with more than 54 retail locations, MarineMax can help you sell your yacht or trade it for a new MarineMax boat.

How much can I put down?

Typically a down payment of 15% - 25% is required. See here for sample proformas: MarineMax 382MarineMax 443 and the MarineMax 484.

Is financing available?

For residents of the United States, MarineMax can help with the financing of your charter yacht.  You can contact our finance division for different finance options and rates.

day 3 cove 12(1)What is the experience of your team?

The MarineMax team is comprised of charter industry veterans throughout. That experience, along with the strength of more than 40 years of boating expertise with MarineMax, when it comes to boating, MarineMax does it all, and does it better than anyone else. Read more information on the MarineMax Difference.

Can I trade in my current boat?

With the strength of MarineMax, yes, trade-ins are considered.

Can I use the boat as a write off?

Everyone’s tax position is different and we do not give tax advice. Although if you would like we can work with you along with your tax advisor on any deal.

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