Chartered yacht vacations to Mediterranean ports



The Croatian seaboard can be divided into 6 regions. Each region is equally beautiful, yet very unique in their history and culture. Along the coast of Croatia are more than 1,000 islands. While some are wooded and vast, with centuries-old historic towns boasting castles and fortresses, intriguing shops and excellent restaurants situated on narrow lanes, other islands are arid, isolated, and uninhabited. All offer superb anchorages for a yacht charter exploration, including the historic cities of Dubrovnik and Split.


In Greece, the selection of destinations is wide, encompassing the Cyclades, Dodecanese, Sporades, and Ionian isles. A Greece yacht charter in the Aegean Sea offers open-water passages, uninhabited islands, and resorts. The Ionians are sheltered and the Sporades are wooded, remote, and a world apart from bustling crowds.


With a very extensive coast on the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean, Turkey has a great number of islands providing an incredible environment for discovery and enjoyment. With numerous coves and beaches ideal for anchoring, you can seclude yourself from the rest of the world. The white stone of the cliffs dipping into the blue waters along with the villages and cities will leave you with a remarkable vacation memory.

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