Provisioning Your Charter

Living aboard a charter yacht is certainly one of the best ways to experience not only the destination you chose, but to experience it according to your own itinerary wishes, which includes your dining options.

Ordering Provisions

provisions onboard MarineMax VacationsPlanning out meals and ordering provisions ahead of time allows you to walk aboard your boat and have most of your items stocked away for you. We can help you in the ordering  stages of your vacation planning and walk you through our recommendations for how much you will need based on your group size and length of stay.  There are sure to be dining ashore adventures you will want to enjoy, but don't forget the living essentials you will want to have on board your boat.

While a small number of guests like to provision on their own by shopping at one of the local grocery stores once they arrive in Tortola, we encourage you to plan your meals and order provisions ahead of your arrival so you can to save valuable vacation time for, well, vacationing.

Can I Bring Items With Me?

While not all grocery items are feasible for transporting to the island, there are some smaller items that can be brought with you should you chose. For example, some spices (from salt, pepper and grilling spices to sugar), coffee and filters, zip lock bags, trash bags, cleaning wipes, and other non-perishables that can easily fit in your suitcase are simple travel items.

provision for your MarineMax Vacations boating vacationBeverages

You will be able to find all beverages that you'd like for your group right on the island and can add them right to your provision list to have them waiting for you at the base. From drinking water to sodas, juice and alcohol, you will have no problem finding exactly what it takes to please your crowd.

What is Provided on the Boat?

Our welcome aboard kit on each boat comes with a small bottle of dish detergent, a roll of paper towels, a roll of toilet paper per head, one trash bag per can and matches for the grill (sailboats). We do recommend that you add additional quantities of these items for your entire charter period.

What If We Run Out?

There are local stores in the BVI islands where you can dingy ashore and pick up any forgotten items or those items you may have run out of along the way. Each boat includes a charter guide that indicates what is available on each island, as well as a local delivery service that may available for your location.