British Virgin Islands boating vacation


The world awaits and with multiple destination and boat options to choose from!  You can experience your dream boating vacation planned personally for you whether it's a intimate vacation for two or a lively adventure with family and friends.


Caribbean boating vacationA cluster of tropical stepping stones set amid the electric blue waters of the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands are among the most popular charter destinations. The line-of-sight navigation and deep-water passages beckon you to the shorelines of its more than 60 islands, each with its own special charm and beauty.



Mediterranean boating vacations For exotic locales full of passion and unique ways to explore, the Mediterranean has a multitude of endless adventures including regions such as the Croatian seaboard, which can be divided into 6 regions, Greece with numerous destinations, or Turkey with its extensive coast on the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean.



North and South America boating vacationsThe waterways of North America, South America and Central America bring domestic and international boating vacations to life, each rich in unique vibrancy and beautiful destinations including desired areas from the Northeast to Southeast, the West Coast of North America to Puerto Rico, Canada, Brazil and Mexico.



European boating vacationsExperience some of Europe's finest scenery aboard a beautiful canal boat to discover fascinating history and local cultures.  Travel in luxury for an unforgettable vacation through France, Germany, Holland, Poland or Ireland with friends or family, or as a romantic getaway for two.


South Pacific

Windward Islands South Pacific boating vacationIndulge in the enchanting waters of the Pacific Ocean aboard your own luxury mega yacht charter with your own personal itinerary. With luxury yachts from 50' to 250', your luxury yacht is perfect for discovering adventure in such locations as Whitsunday Islands or Tahiti.