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484 power catamaran BVI

Sea Trial: MarineMax 484

We are pleased to be featured in the 2014 Spring edition of Charter Savvy Magazine, the online resource for charter vacations. After performing a sea trial on the MarineMax 484, the article feautres not only covers the performance of the yacht, but also the livability comforts and design features. We appreciate being featured in this publication and thank the editors and writers for their time and efforts.

From the Pages of Charter Savvy Magazine, Spring 2014

Sea Trial: The MarineMax 484

Charter Savvy Sea Trial

By Chris Caswell
Hand a blank sheet of paper to a couple of seasoned bareboat charter veterans like Raul Bermudez and Lex Raas, ask them to sketch their ultimate power charter boat, and then stand back! What you’ll get is what you see on these pages: the MarineMax 484 Power Cat.

You see, most boats that populate the charter fleets start life as production sailboats or powerboats and that means that there are compromises designed into them from the start.

MarineMax Vacations, a relative newcomer to the bareboat charter field, gave the very experienced Bermudez and Raas (Veep and Prexy, respectively) a notso-simple task: create an outstanding charter fleet. To fulfill their mission, they brought in J&J Yacht Design, an awardwinning design company renowned for yachts from Jeanneau, Bavaria, and Dufour, not to mention out-of-the-box thinking. For starters, the duo set a higher standard for the boats in the MarineMax Vacations charter fleet. For example....

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